who the hell is paul?


Paul Culos was forged one spring day from the automotive steel and pop motown rhythms of Detroit, Michigan during the middle section of the 1980's. It's a scientific fact that Paul danced to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song in his pajamas, sketched the portraits of the American Presidents, and acquired a respectable collection of Star Wars action figures (still in the box, thank you). He may or may not have an unhealthy obsession with Michael Jackson. He definitely did not tape every episode of The Simpsons on VHS in the 90's. That did not happen (you may want to check snopes.com though).

Despite being the youngest of three and the only boy, Paul felt he still unjustly lacked enough attention at the age of 9 and turned to the stage to find true appreciation. He was met with the immediate success when he was cast as the King in Sleeping Beauty, a production that was hailed as, "... a very good job..." by his mother (who has asked to remain nameless in this biography).

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everything in addition to; nothing against.


- jack nicholson


Paul continued to act through school and began formal training at Western Michigan University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance. Paul would like to make it clear that he never once met Tim Allen while at WMU but he was arrested one time, much like Tim Allen. During his time at Western, he traveled to Oxford to study at the British American Drama Academy. It was very posh, thusly Paul is very posh.

Immediately after undergraduate training, Paul continued to study acting at the University of California: Irvine. He completed his Masters of Fine Arts in 2010 in Acting. 

After Irvine, Paul decided he had graduated from enough schools and moved to Los Angeles. He continues to pursue acting in film, television, theatre, commercials, and any open street corner. He is an A2 Ensemble member at The Antaeus Company in North Hollywood. He continues to collaborate with the Loose Canon Collective and Fugitive Kind. When not acting, you will likely find him swimming, graphic designing, eating vegan food, sketching things, and facetiming with his family.